Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Using Bourbon and Bourbon Neat with Sass

Design and Theming
Experience Level: 

Let me introduce you to Bourbon. Bourbon is a lightweight mixin library that works with Sass. Many have already heard of the alternative mixin library Compass. Bourbon's purpose was to assemble a standard set of mixins that would be useful on every project. The simpler nature of Bourbon allows for an easier configuration process and a great option for those just getting to know Sass. Extend Bourbon to further help you with your page layout by also using Bourbon Neat. Bourbon Neat is a grid framework that allows you to easily build responsive webpages and define regions with a 12 column grid. Thirsty yet? Here is what we will cover:

  • A quick introduction to what Sass is and how mixins work.
  • How you can easily integrate Bourbon and Bourbon Neat into your next project. No complicated installation. You just need Sass!
  • Review the Bourbon mixin library and demonstrate some of its capabilities. Discuss how it is different from Compass.
  • Build the structure of a webpage using Bourbon Neat. Demonstrate how the 12 column grid system can help you quickly build the structure of a responsive webpage.
  • Questions and comments

Beginners welcome! I won't assume you are a Sass expert but experience writing HTML and CSS will help you get more from the session.

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