Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Off the Treadmill: Building a Common Drupal Platform For Your Organization

Community, Business and Project Management
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Drupal Distributions! We know and love Commons, Open Atrium, Open Publish, COD and other off the shelf projects. But what about your organization’s unique needs and use cases? You want to stop building websites and start building a repeatable system of your own. But how?

In this talk I share lessons learned from my time in Drupal consulting, including a one year establishing a common platform at a magazine publisher (30+ titles) as well as what I see on the front lines at Acquia. I want attendees to walk away with a vision to move from site building and into internal product development. For attendees already on this path I want to share lessons from my time in the trenches.

Specific takeaways:

  • How to get off the site building treadmill and into developing a product. “We don’t have the time” will no longer be an excuse.
  • How to deal with inconsistencies between sites. Decide what should be unique vs. what should be standardized.
  • Your love/hate relationship with Features (for example, how to deal with feature overrides).
  • How to deal with tricky upgrade path issues as your platform matures.

Note that this session will be a mix of both business and technical.

Off the Treadmill: Building a Drupal Platform for Your Organization from Rick Vugteveen