Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Spelunking Drupal: Getting the most from your Drupal logs

Information Architecture and Administration
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The ability to understand current and historical states of your website's health and its users' activities and experiences is paramount to ensuring stability and end-user satisfaction. No matter how complete the test cases or thorough the QA, bugs will crop up and performance and features will be impacted. Site administrators and developers must have a window into production in order to diagnose and debug issues that arise.

Although Drupal comes packaged with modules to help diagnose these problems, they are slow, cumbersome, difficult to use, extremely limited, and they do not scale. This presentation will walk through the problems presented by logging in Drupal and highlight a Splunk-based path to enlightenment.


  • The four big pains of Drupal logging and reports,
  • Syslog, Splunk, and how they solve Drupal's logging problems,
  • How to configure Drupal to work in tandem with syslog and Splunk,
  • How to explore, visualise, analyse, and report on log data in Splunk.