Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

SASS-y Theming

Design and Theming
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If you haven't already heard, SASS is the new big thing these days in CSS that allows to create compliant code faster and opens up new and exciting possibilities for your themes.

In this session we'll go over the latest in SASS, Compass, Breakpoint, and grid systems like susy and show how to best work them into your next responsive theme, no matter the base you use (or don't use).

For those of you already using SASS in your themes, awesome! Let's crank it up a notch and show some of the more power features that really open up new possibilities of what you can do. We'll also discuss the integration into multi developer environments using git.

Of course we'll be focusing this all on responsive theming and how to get the most out of SASS while making your site optimized for small screen and bandwidth sensitive devices.

By the time you leave you'll have a theme that kick-SASS and won't ever look back at your old way of theming again!