Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Putting Drupal on a Cloud

Development and Code
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It's one thing to click thru a CPanel UX and deploy Drupal onto a hosting service, it's an entirely different animal to deploy Drupal onto a cloud computing provider such as Amazon or Rackspace AND to be able to really take advantage of the "elasticity" of cloud computing. Using Platform-as-a-Serivce (PaaS) enables you to do this in a repeatable, automated, self-service way. I'll give a brief overview of cloud computing, discuss where Drupal fits in the cloud layer cake, and demonstrate how PaaS can put your Drupal into the cloud securely regardless of how large or small your deployment may be using Red Hat's OpenShift as an example.

In this session, I'll discuss best practices on how to deploy Drupal to the cloud and to ensure that your Drupal applications scale up AND down, that you have ssh access to your files and how to tweek your Drupal deployments to take advantage of cloud computing.