Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Module Porting to D8 Sprint

Development and Code
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[Not really sure if this is a "session" as opposed to some other kind of activity, but…]

Collaborative work time to get started (or finished) on porting a module to D8.

If you've got a D7 (or earlier) module that you'd like to move to D8 this is a great place to dig into the work. [Mention relevant sessions here – assuming there will be at least one…] We'll start with a brief review of porting strategy and some of the big changes between D7 and D8 and then dig into the work.

[I'm not an expert on this at all, I would see my role as facilitating / doing some of the introductory presentation. If this gets approved I'd go looking for people with more experience who would be willing to help out.]


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I'd like to attend this. Hopefully it can be turned into a thing that's not a session. :-)