Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Managing Migrations

Community, Business and Project Management
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Whether content migrations are viewed as an opportunity to attract business to your Drupal shop or a necessary evil associated with legacy systems, they are becoming more common as the web matures. Even with the best team and migration technology, a poorly managed migration can sour what should be an exciting time for your clients or stakeholders as they move to a new Drupal website.

This session will explore the nuances of the migration process to promote client, stakeholder, and developer satisfaction. Though tools and types of technical issues will be discussed, this session will focus on managing and communicating about the process.


  • Communicating the migration process
  • Good project discovery
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Understanding and preparing to deal with common technical issues
  • The relationship between content migration and feature tasks
  • Promoting iteration and feedback
  • Quality assurance and support