Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Making you, and your Clients Happy, by Using Reusable Components to Build Drupal Sites

Development and Code
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We too often start building out a site looking at the specific content types, or pages, with too much detail. Missing the similarities of the different pieces of content.

When we streamline multiple Content Types, Views, and Blocks, we can simplify the development and administrative experience. We can make this happen using tools such as Taxonomy based Panels and Views arguments, View Modes, and more. When you use these Reusable Components, you can give more power to your client, and make your site a lot easier to plan, develop, and theme.

Why stop there? I will show you some basic Reusable Component concepts, and how they can help in estimation, design, planning, and keeping everyone happy. Not only will your site development be super awesome and efficient, but you will be able to plan and build components for all levels of the project that could be reused throughout the process.