Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Installation Profiles - Repeatable and Reusable Drupal

Development and Code
Experience Level: 

You have heard of installation profiles and their promise of making your life easier. You know Drupal core ships with a Standard, Minimal, and Testing profile. Installation profiles can indeed make your life easier, especially if your life revolves around creating new Drupal sites.

If you have yet to take the plunge or are unsure of how to get started with installation profiles in Drupal,
this session is for you. No one enjoys downloading the common modules each time a new site has to be developed, setting up roles by hand, configuring the WYSIWYG configuration screen, or forgetting to enable some buried setting that only rears it’s head once a site has gone into production. Installation profiles are a valuable tool for streamlining Drupal site creation, from simple tweaks like setting user permissions and default behavior for new user accounts, to creating complex distributions that can be shared with the Drupal community.

During the session, with a focus on Drupal 7 we will:

  • Discuss the “who, what, why, where and how” of installation profiles:
  • Walk through the creation of an install profile that:
    • Sets configuration defaults
    • Installs projects (modules, themes, libraries) with a make file (including tips for patching files and moving libraries)
    • Enables modules (via install hooks and profile dependencies)
    • Sets a default admin theme and general theme
    • Disables modules
    • Leverages the existing Drupal installation profiles: Minimal, Standard or Testing
    • Modifies the installation screens
  • Test installation profiles:
    • The old fashioned way
      • DL Drupal 7 and add the new profile to the profiles directory prior to visiting install.php
    • The new fangled way
      • $ drush core-quick-drupal
      • $ drush make

Session Objectives

  • Remove or minimize both the real & perceived barriers to entry to:
    • Familiarize users with installation profiles
    • Demonstrate ease of use & implementation
    • Highlight benefits
  • Empower developers to:
    • Showcase features & use-cases
    • Share and discuss usage & workflow integration best practices
    • Identify variables in the database and set them in the profile
  • Provide resources of:
    • Working examples of useful functions & complete profiles
    • Links to existing installation profiles for review