Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Git Branch-per-Feature

Development and Code
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At Affinity Bridge we've been adapting out version control methods to better support our development process. We're going to talk about our workflow for staying agile with fast changing project requirements.

Have you ever held off a release because unrelated work in the repo was still in development? Have you needed to comment out swathes of half finished code to make a deadline.

Branch-Per-Feature is a git workflow that lets you develop new features separately and deploy them in whatever order you need. This talk is about our requirements for such a workflow and the advantages it gives us.

  • Go over master / QA feature branch structure
  • Go over versioning numbers
  • Go over dev responsibilities
  • Go over conflict resolution process
  • Talk about how git rerere works as a branch

We'll also discuss other git workflow options at a high level and would love to hear how you are managing GIT in your teams.