Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Design to Development: Experience Quality Control

Design and Theming
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In a typical product cycle designs are made, approved by clients and passed off to developers. Development completes and the final product does not represent anything from the original designs. This could be anything from visual to interactive disconnects. It is essential that none of the originally designed goals and business intents are loss in the translation from pixels to code.

In this talk, I'll explore some of the process and techniques we have in place and experimented with to mitigate design vs development challenges. These techniques are mostly applicable to agile methodologies which I'll also cover off.

In summary, the question I'll be trying to answer is, "How to effectively integrate design in an agile development cycle". The pain point is, "Design does not represent design".

This session is set at a beginner level for those who have yet to integrate design into development or struggling to do so.