Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

CTools Style Plugins: Demo & Code Walk-Thru

Development and Code
Experience Level: 

This session will focus on how to define and implement a CTools Style Plugin. It will include a demo and detailed walk-through of the code used to define and implement a Style Plugin that your site's users and site builders can use to define and control the Styles associated with a Panel Pane or Region.

Chaos Tools Suite or CTools ( is a set of developer tools and APIs. As a developer, you can define CTools Plugins in a custom module that can allow another module or theme to implement customized functionality. Types of plugins include contexts, content types, layouts, and style.

With Style plugins, you can define:

  • hook theme goodies
  • template files that control the wrapper markup on a panel pane
  • a settings form that can dynamically change CSS classes in the template based on user input

The demo will feature a site built with Panopoly (a distribution that customizes the Panels, Panels In-Place Editor, and Panelizer user interfaces). If you are looking to tame layouts associated with Panel Panes and Regions or wondered what that little paintbrush icon does, learning how to define and implement CTools Style Plugins is great thing to understand how to do.

Link to slides:

Link to plugin code: