Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

The Container and the Content: Better Collaboration For Strategy-Minded Design

Community, Business and Project Management
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Much web design and development happens in silos: the developers work on the code, the designers make it pretty, and then the finished project goes to content creators who populate the website with information. However, with the rising importance of content marketing and management for business success on the web, this old way of doing things poses challenges that could easily be avoided with a more collaborative and holistic approach to web development.

In other words, websites need stuff in them. The people who make the stuff that fills websites need to be included in the process from the start, not just at the end.

In this session, we will cover:

-The top 3 problems caused by working in silos
-Why putting content in the equation from the beginning is important
-The basics of an integrated digital strategy
-How to keep strategic business considerations in mind during the coding and design phases
-How to effectively collaborate with marketers, writers and other creatives during the early phases of the web development process