Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Building a task-focused collaborative platform for K12

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Over the last 3 years, The Alaska Humanities Forum (AKHF) has developed and tested a prototype online collaborative platform to support their Sister School Exchange program, an initiative which pairs K12 schools and classrooms in rural and urban Alaska. In early 2013, The Jibe has joined forces with the AKHF to develop the next iteration of this platform which is schedule to launch in mid-September.

This new version of the platform introduces the concept of Learning Paths: a series of tasks, centred around a specific learning objective. Learning Paths are typically created by teachers and can be shared with other teachers, who in turn have the ability to use, modify and contribute back their own Learning Paths to a common repository.

Join Francis Pilon from The Jibe for a demo of the platform.

The Jibe is an open source web development and digital strategy team based in Vancouver, BC. The Alaska Humanities Forum’s mission is to use the wisdom and methods of the humanities to enrich the civic, intellectual and cultural life of all Alaskans.