Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Development and Code

The track Code and Coders is all about the programming for Drupal - PHP you need to know, Drupal patterns, Drupal structure, tools and how to use them - and the people developing Drupal.

Git Branch-per-Feature

At Affinity Bridge we've been adapting out version control methods to better support our development process. We're going to talk about our workflow for staying agile with fast changing project requirements.

Have you ever held off a release because unrelated work in the repo was still in development? Have you needed to comment out swathes of half finished code to make a deadline.

Getting the Most Out of Search API, Solr, and Views

This will be an advanced level presentation on the use of solr as a backend to views using Search API ( and Search API Solr ( and how, when done properly, this combination can allow you to create extremely fast searches and views that scale to tens of thousands of entities even on relatively limited resources.

Hey Drupal shop, manage your sales pipeline with RedHen CRM!

Since releasing RedHen CRM, ThinkShout has consistently been asked to release a Drupal distribution leveraging RedHen to meet the CRM needs of small professional services firms and web development agencies. In this session, we will debut how our team is leveraging RedHen to manage our sales pipeline, account services and internal capacity planning.

Putting Drupal on a Cloud

It's one thing to click thru a CPanel UX and deploy Drupal onto a hosting service, it's an entirely different animal to deploy Drupal onto a cloud computing provider such as Amazon or Rackspace AND to be able to really take advantage of the "elasticity" of cloud computing. Using Platform-as-a-Serivce (PaaS) enables you to do this in a repeatable, automated, self-service way.

Stealing Ideas from the Core (and elsewhere)

We often battle with it, wish it did some pattern "our" way, but the Drupal codebase is a massive resource of architectural concepts that developers can explore and implement in all their code, Drupal or not.

In this session, we look at several key ideas found in the Drupal codebase and examine their implementation in other environments to understand the guts of why Drupal architects have made the choices they did and how we can use their skill to improve our own projects in Drupal or wherever our work takes us.

The Project Application Project: Sharing Your Code With The World

If you have written a module (or theme!) and want to share it with the world, this is the session for you. This session walks you through the process creating a project on, from creating the sandbox to your first release. It expects a basic understanding of git (just enough to get your code into an online repository). If you are new to git, I would recommend going to .

Behaviour Testing and Continuous Integration with Drupal

Have you ever had the client tell you something is broken? Have you ever completed your development cycle on feature X only to have feature Y in a broken heap on the floor? Do you lie in bed thinking, maybe you should make sure that node submits properly for user role X? I'll show how we tackle this scenario using automated quality assurance with continuous integration.


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