Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Development and Code

The track Code and Coders is all about the programming for Drupal - PHP you need to know, Drupal patterns, Drupal structure, tools and how to use them - and the people developing Drupal.

Data Encryption in Drupal

For Drupal projects that require low-to-medium-level sensitive data to be stored in an encrypted format for security reasons, there are a number of contributed modules that provide solutions.

In this session, you will learn about various options for storing encrypted data. We will focus on encryption methods, key storage, and writing custom modules to encrypt and decrypt any data within Drupal.

Quality Assurance using Behat and the Drupal Extension

This session will cover Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) using Behat and the Drupal Extension to test Drupal sites. We will start with the basics behind BDD, cover what is possible now using the Drupal Extension, and finish with a roadmap for the future of the extension, as well as efforts to move much of the core testing framework to Behat in Drupal 9.

Making you, and your Clients Happy, by Using Reusable Components to Build Drupal Sites

We too often start building out a site looking at the specific content types, or pages, with too much detail. Missing the similarities of the different pieces of content.

When we streamline multiple Content Types, Views, and Blocks, we can simplify the development and administrative experience. We can make this happen using tools such as Taxonomy based Panels and Views arguments, View Modes, and more. When you use these Reusable Components, you can give more power to your client, and make your site a lot easier to plan, develop, and theme.

From developer to builder and back again

We make sites. How? It depends on the site's purpose and the most appropriate tools. In my personal site building journey, I started more code-centric, then discovered Drupal and became much more of a point and click site builder, and now find myself once again spending more time working with code than the UI.

There are wonderful things about what is available through Drupal's UI. There are also amazing things that are possible using Drupal's APIs (custom coding things), sometimes including greater efficiency and fewer mysteries to unravel.

Upgrades and Migrations, how?

You have an aging Drupal 6 or even a Drupal 5 site. You know it's time to move up to Drupal 7. Now, how? There are two main ways to get there. You can perform a traditional upgrade, or you can migrate the data from the old site to a brand new site. In this session I will show how you can use these methods and discuss their benefits and drawbacks, including a thought process to go through when evaluating these options, drawing from some recent projects.


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