Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Community, Business and Project Management

The Business and Best Practices track is aimed primarily at end-users experienced or new to Drupal, comprising business and other sectors, such as government, education, NGOs. It covers topics about, among others, implementing a successful site, project management, using Drupal as the basis of a product, using Drupal in education or building an e-commerce site. This is the place to present case studies, that have advanced or will further the state-of-art in Drupal or the web.

Digital Ecology: how to manage an org's digital footprint

For many of our clients, understanding how to smartly maintain all of their online pieces is what we call managing your Digital Ecology. Add to that improving business processes and it's a lot to take on.

In fact, managing all of your online presence is a bigger part of the web today then it ever has been. It’s a huge tangled web of tweets, blogs, Facebook pages, campaign efforts, constituent relationship management systems (CRMs) and more!


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