Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Community, Business and Project Management

The Business and Best Practices track is aimed primarily at end-users experienced or new to Drupal, comprising business and other sectors, such as government, education, NGOs. It covers topics about, among others, implementing a successful site, project management, using Drupal as the basis of a product, using Drupal in education or building an e-commerce site. This is the place to present case studies, that have advanced or will further the state-of-art in Drupal or the web.

Eight Quality Checkpoints for Drupal Shops

Delivering a quality assurance offering to clients is an expensive and daunting task for small-medium Drupal shops. With tight deadlines, mixed rates, and no extra cash for full time QA testers, the quality of a project is often left to the developers and project managers.

Metal Toad team members Tony Rasmussen (VP) and Dylan Tack (Senior Architect) have been in this challenging space for years, and have documented 8 key checkpoints that will enable a high standard of software quality without threatening the bottom line.

Finding Your Inner Extrovert

Typically our field is populated by introverts; it's a fact, go look in the mirror. People who have invested considerable time and effort into developing their technical skills are tossed out into the cruel world of wheeling and dealing with potential clients without any practical training to enable them to transfer leads into paying contracts. For independent self-employed web developers this can be what determines your success, or failure, in a highly competitive field.

In this session we will be looking at:

Blurred Lines - Defining roles and responsibilities on a Drupal project

In a world where technology evolves quickly, so must people's skill sets. As systems become more complex with data and design, finding the right team with the right skills can be difficult. A large scale Drupal project requires a matrix of skills, and in order to get the best out of each team member it is necessary to define their roles and responsibilities.

Lucha Libre! Liberating your CRM data on open platforms that integrate with Drupal

CRM solutions are often compared based upon their whistles and bells rather than the core APIs that allow you to push and pull data in and out of them. However, with the rise of social networks and the growth of single-purpose online organizing and e-commerce/fundraising tools, interoperability is key. When choosing a CRM, organizations should strongly consider “open platforms” that embrace this philosophy and that integrate smoothly with CMS frameworks such as Drupal.

The Art and Science of Requirements Gathering

What are the essential ingredients and deliverables for Drupal project requirements gathering - a list of features, a set of user stories, a list of modules, a PSD?

In this session, Vanessa Turke, a seasoned project manager, information architect and user experience professional will present a number of approaches to requirements gathering and specification documentation along with a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Coming soon to a Drupal 8 near you!

Drupal core committer Angie "webchick" Byron will walk through the new changes coming down the pipe in Drupal 8: for end-users and clients, for site builders, for front-end developers, and for hardcore nerds. Where possible, these features will be demoed LIVE (what could possibly go wrong?).

Come learn about the new authoring experience and mobile improvements, RESTful web services, the new configuration management system, various new and improved site building features, and more!

Know When to Hold'em, Know When to Fold'em: Lead Generation in the Drupalsphere

As a community we are doing amazing things with Drupal. There is no shortage of opportunity to grow business and work on exciting projects. The key is to find and identify good client matches. In this session we'll take a look at the ways we engage with prospects, the characteristics of a qualified lead, and what constitutes a successful conversion.

The Agile Drupalist

More and more clients are asking for Agile development for their projects, in particular the Scrum methodology, but do they really know what they are getting into? Both Waterfall and Scrum are viable methodologies, but each is best suited to particular situations, clients, and projects - neither can be considered the better methodology in all circumstances.

Project Manage NG: Walk It Like You Talk It

This session will focus on various project management issues being faced every day by development teams and steps being taken to address them effectively. For example, how do you start with new projects and how do you track them, how do you efficiently communicate issues to both clients and internal staff, how do you generate accurate estimates for your clients, what tools are being used and so on.


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