Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

RESTful development in Drupal7/8

Development and Code
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Has a client ever asked you to make the site work with a 3rd party service's API and you couldn't find a useful Drupal module? Or has a mobile app developer ask you to make parts of the site RESTful? Nowadays, with Drupal moving away from a simple CMS/Framework role into a more SAAS-like (Software As A Service) approach, REST is the protocol of choice and a basic understanding of the standards/workflow will gain importance in time as a Drupal developer.

In this session, I would like to introduce to you on how to interact with 3rd party REST services and what tools/libraries are useful during development. Furthermore, I will talk about my experiences using Drupal 7 as a RESTful service and compare that to the shiny new Drupal 8 implementation.

This session caters mainly towards custom module developers. I will try not to make this too code heavy, but it's hard to address this topic without any code samples.

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PNWDS 2013- Restful development in Drupal 7/8 from Johannes Schmidt


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Thanks everybody for your attention and questions. I hope you took something useful away from my session and start having fun playing with REST.

I uploaded the PDF version of my slides to my Dropbox and uploaded the demo clips to my Youtube channel (the links on the slides)