Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Organic Groups: Who, what, where, when, why?

Information Architecture and Administration
Experience Level: 

This will be a beginner-to-intermediate session for developers considering or interested in using Organic Groups on community sites, or to serve as a back-end access control / theme management system for sub-sites.

The pitch:
Do you need a site that serves different communities that have different access or theme needs, that want to share content and reuse backend structure (i.e.: content, entity types, user roles)? Do you want to set up an intranet or discussion site? Organic groups can solve these problems! (Or not!)

At UBC, this kind of access control and collaboration is a common use-case that's arisen repeatedly. Various groups at UBC have solved these problems using OG with varying success, and we will share what we've learned using examples and case studies. We'll talk about available alternate approaches, point out pitfalls and pain points, and describe how to architect a site with OG successfully.

Valerie Eades, Programmer Analyst, UBC IT Services
Renée Stephen, CMS Developer, UBC Computer Science Dept