Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Kevin Wall


Kevin’s extraordinary IT experience exceeds 20 years of programming, network infrastructures, and system development. Starting in the 1980’s, Kevin was building and maintaining multi-office networks of systems and equipment while creating custom applications and utilizing bulletin board systems for information in the pre-internet era. As Information Technology grew toward internet and high speed connectivity, Kevin worked for the Department of Defense (Federal Government) streamlining and implementing new technology for the Nuclear, occupational safety, and operations departments for Navy ships and bases. Kevin later consulted DHL on automation of shipment routing operations, and reporting of all 15,000+ customer focused systems and automated many facets of DHL’s internal information management.Kevin has directed, owned, and managed many different businesses including design agencies, IT consulting firms, and contributed to many start-ups throughout his career. Kevin also holds degrees presented to him from the federal government and Arizona State University in design, technical trade management, and business.Kevin currently focuses his skills on operating KWALL, which provides cutting edge web applications and systems that focus on user experience on both the customer and administrative end.