Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012



I'm currently a web developer for Phluant Mobile, Inc., which is a company that provides a rich media mobile advertising platform. If you use a smartphone or a tablet with any regularity and have seen some mobile advertising thrown in, chances are you've seen some of my work. It's also a good possibility that some of those ads were using a Drupal back-end web service resource that I've been working on over the past few months. I'm also enrolled in the User Centered Design certificate program at the University of Washington, which can be applied towards Human Centered Design and Engineering MS degree, and I do occasional freelance work.

Drupal is my favorite CMS to work with because it is open source, powerful, and can do just about anything under the sun. I'm in the process of developing a geolocation module that could also be useful to the Drupal community, and I'm hoping to use some of the conference time to learn ways to how to make it even better. If you're curious, you can check out the detains here: While I'm not the best at it, I can hang with the command line stuff and have been getting more into using Drush. I can also do a good amount of Drupal front end. Drupal stuff aside, I'm also a general web developer and have experience with working with (X)HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, PHP, SQL, SEO, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and Joomla!

Also, because I think that one's GitHub profile is worthy of a social media link, here is mine:

Phluant Mobile
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