Vancouver, October 5-6, 2012

Angela Dion


Angela Dion brings over twelve years of marketing experience to the ImageX team. Her experience has traversed companies in the print, radio and TV world, as well as the movie and wireless telecom industries. Angela is a Vancouver native that has come to us after having just lead the marketing department for a luxury consumer electronics brand in London, England. With a career that matured at the dawn of the digital age, Angela has the unique ability to balance traditional marketing theory with emerging opportunities driven by interactive technology.

Armed with a strong foundation in journalism and media, her relentless spirit to prioritize consumer-centric thinking, results in innovative campaigns focused on delivering bottom-line results. Angela is the organizational leader responsible for our company wide marketing strategy. She’s responsible for making ImageX turn heads.

When she’s not coming up with captivating copy or off the wall ideas, you can find her travelling the globe, paddling in False Creek with her Dragon Boat team, or barreling down a mountain in a snowtube because she’s realistic that snowboarding is just not her calling.

Marketing Manager